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Many of my stories are shot on a phone. It's an easy way to quickly get something real and in the moment. These are your neighbors. Celebrate them!
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Michael 'Catfish' Hutcheison hosts an Autism Speaks day of fun for his son and some of his friends. Don't miss this one!
Sometimes I get lucky. In this case, Janna Gatten, of of Henderson's finest was about to retire when I approached her about a story. See the emotional ending!
Some people seem to be made of magic. Pem Pfisterer Clark is an accomplished artist and wedding expert who also teaches art and manners to kids. 
Lee Jordan and his cast of characters offer more than just a great haircut in a cool atmosphere. You may just experience a laugh or two at no extra charge.
Who is the Super X Cowboy? James Eblen, of course. This young tattoo artist has deep roots in our community. Here's a hint: he's the grandson of a local favorite.
Chris Walker has been honing his skills as an expert painter from the age of 14. He and his crew enjoy a lot of 'word-of-mouth' business due to a stellar reputation.
Purchasing a favorite long-time local food establishment comes with expectations. Henry and Alisa Sugg welcome you to the Dairiette and expect you to be hungry.
I played trombone through high school. I'm glad the music program at our local high school is thriving and in good hands. Support the band. They rock!
Some people find a job they love. Sometimes the job finds them. Paula Hawkins has a mission, not a job. She started New Hope Animal Rescue, and it's personal.
Meet Tim Farley and the Audubon Flyers Disc Golf Club. This is a great and inexpensive activity for all ages. Looks like fun!
It may seem that Cathy Bullock sells wigs. She does with her Cottage Wig Shoppe, but she offers much more than that. She offers hope.
I lost my grandma a few years ago and decided to visit Frances Hogan, one of her hair stylists. It was a nice visit with her and the ladies at Kelly's Mane Event. 
In a throwaway society, I was glad my curiosity led me inside Soleman Shoe Repair. Not only did I meet Gary and Debbie Seib, but THERE'S A TRAIN!
Rohdene Rollins is a special person. She was one of my first photo stories and it was clear the community loves her. I wanted to stop and visit her at work one day.
Meet Kicky Spicer from Fiesta Salon. Mom was due for a doo, so we featured Kicky on our old morning show. Great cut and great vibes.
I love coffee, and I love people like Rachel McLachlan. I met her a few years ago at Roast Coffee Bar. We need more positive attitudes like hers.
My first video story for the old Good Morning Humans show was a short segment at the Farmers's Market with Amy Cates. A great choice to set the tone for our efforts.
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